River City’s Industrial Services has a comprehensive listing of capabilities. These include efficient shutdown services including working along side outage services as well as construction, maintenance, project management and other plant support.

Concrete Services
We can provide demolition excavation and concrete finishing services. This includes:
• Design
• Layout
• Rebar Installation
• Elevations

Crane Operating
River City’s crane & rigging service offers heavy hoisting, transportation, rigging and crane operation. We primarily serve the maintenance and routine operating needs of industry, which we have managed to accomplish with an enviable safety record!
• NCCO certification up to 500 tons

Machine Installation & Rigging
We have the necessary equipment to move small as well as large pieces. There is not a job too big or too small!
• Machinery moving skates up to 75 tons each
• Forklift certificaitons
• Ariel Lift Certifications
• Custom Spreader Bars
• Custom Straps & other necessary rigging equipment
• Structural Steel Erection

• Carbon Steel: MIG Solid Core and Flux Core, TIG, & Stick Welding
• Aluminum: MIG, Heilarc, and Stick
• Stainless Steel: MIG, TIG, & Stick Welding• PVC & CPVC:
• Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Tubing
• Up to 15 PSI Steam
• Up to schedule 160 piping

• Custom Fitting Repair
• Custom Field Piping
• Certified Structural Steel Welding

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