River City Metal & Machine has numerous engineering services available to our customers. They are as follows:

3D CAD Design 

We provide detailed 3D models from start of projects to final installation.
• Ensure Designs up to Customer’s Standards
• Comprehensive Breakdown of Any System or Project

Electrical Design & Programming
With over 20 years in various applications, our electrical design and programming experience ensures quality and efficiency the first time.
• Controls
• PLC Programming
• Electrical Drawings
• Repair and Recovery of Existing System
• Design Electrical Cabinets and Wire them according to specifications
• Power Distribution Requirements
• Electrical Schematics

Paint & Finishing Equipment
Our paint and finishing equipment is state-of-the-art using the latest technology and resources.
• Design
• Fabrication
• Electrical Controls And Programming
• Rigging
• Installation
• Robot Integration

Project Management
We provide project management services on our projects from the beginning stages to the final installation of the project.
• Direct Line of Contact Between Contractor and Customer
• Preliminary Job Walk Through
• Estimating Project Timing/Provide Timeline
• Deliveries & Unloading of Equipment
• Ensuring Employees have the Proper Equipment to Successfully Complete the Job at Hand
• Placement of Skilled Trades on the Proper Tasks to Ensure Efficiency
• Evaluate Quality of Work Performed

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